How & Why to Be a Stay at Home Mother

If you view life through the lens of a non materialistic you will see that one of the most valuable things on this planet are humans. With that said, it is logical that those who decide to create a ‘new’ human should handle the child with the utmost care and proper nurture. In 1967 49% of mothers were stay at home mothers and by 2012 dropped to 23% according to bureau of labor statistics. Why do I feel like I am the only one who has a problem with this!? I am not here to tell you how to raise your child, I am here to explain why/how you should be the one to do it- not the daycare.


One of the main reasons why the increase in women working was because one household income was not sufficient for the cost of living a middle class lifestyle (Baig).

So we have a double increase in women who want a career, higher education, and a family, but is it possible to have it all? More than likely no. A study done by the University of biomedical library states that “children of mothers who worked 30 hours or more a week lagged developmentally” ( BioMed Library).


Using empirical evidence and common sense there now can be a solution formed.  

If you are interested in being a good wife and a mother here are a few of my tips:


#1 Read your bible! There are countless scriptures that encourages every optimistic, God fearing, virtuous, whole hearted women.


#2 Ladies know your worth, holy crap I cannot stress this enough. DO NOT sleep with a man who could potentially/accidentally get you pregnant if you know his income is not stable enough to take care of you and that baby! Sounds simple right. Question to reader: What do you want for your future?  Have you read Proverbs 18:22, “ Whoso findeth a wife findeth a good thing, and obtaineth favour of the Lord”? Have you thought about why Beyonce’s #1 hit single was ‘Run the world(Girls)?


#3 Get your priorities right. What matters most to you right now? A career, becoming mother/wife, money, God. Once I discovered my purpose and the desires God placed on my heart I began to maneuver and make decisions that will move me closer to that purpose. Question to reader :  Does getting a promotion form a lasting positive effect or does teaching your child fundamentals of life sound more important?


#4  Invest in your future yes, because your husband and children will not be around for forever but do it wisely and according to your  purpose. Does that degree in business teach you how to cook? Does that medical degree offer you time to nurture your own child and not the nanny you hired online? Question to reader : If you chose to quit your job at 28 and raise your newborn for 2-5 years will you be able to go back to your job?


If you decide anytime to have a child remember that a child can either make or break its community, society and that should be a good enough reason to choose a mate wisely, consider staying at home for a couple of years,  wise about choice of career, and practice of healthy habits that help keep you sane because when ‘mamas happy everybody happy’.



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